Infrastructure Toolkit

America’s infrastructure is in crisis, and manufacturers’ voices are needed to motivate our elected leaders to act. The time to speak out is now!

To help you do that, we’ve put together this online toolkit to equip you and your employees with ways to engage in this important conversation—online, in social media and in local communities.

In the toolkit, you will find the tools you need to:

  • Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper voicing your concerns
  • Send a letter to mobilize your employees or members to contact Congress and urge action on infrastructure
  • Send a letter to your member of Congress asking them to act on infrastructure
  • Encourage action by posting a “Take Action” message on social media
  • Contact your member of Congress on social media and encourage them to act on infrastructure
  • Use infrastructure talking points to develop a compelling message with key stakeholders such as employees, members of Congress, the press, allies, or partners
  • Use the provided infographics with your social media, on your website, or in an email to add a visual component to your message

Social Media Cheat Sheet

  1. Follow NAM Twitter handles: @ShopfloorNAM and @JayTimmonsNAM. Retweet NAM tweets on infrastructure.
  2. Join the conversation by using infrastructure and manufacturing hashtags, including #BuildingToWin, #WeAreMFG and #MFGinfrastructure.
  3. Put the Twitter handle of your Senators/Member of Congress in your tweets. To find their Twitter handles, visit their web sites (House/Senate)
  4. Use the following example tweets or make up your own:
    • Check it out! #Manufacturers want to revitalize America’s failing #infrastructure. #BuildingtoWin
    • Now is the time for lawmakers in DC to know that America needs to build to win in a global economy. #BuildingtoWin
    • America’s #infrastructure is vital to the future of #manufacturing in America. #BuildingtoWin
    • The US should not be second best. That’s why we must have a world class #infrastructure. Here’s how. #BuildingtoWin
    • Tell Congress and the Administration that it is time to build! America’s crumbling #infrastructure can’t wait! #BuildingtoWin
    • We need to remain competitive, our #infrastructure can’t wait! #BuildingtoWin


Tag Name: National Association of Manufacturers

Example Post:

  • The US should not be second best. That’s why we must have a world class infrastructure. Join manufacturers in saying the time to build is now! #TimeToBuild  
  • Tell Congress and the Administration that the Time to Build is Now! America’s crumbling #infrastructure can’t wait!>  


Example Post:

  • The US should not be second best. That’s why manufacturers know America needs to build to win in a global economy.
  • Tell Congress and the Administration that the Time to Build is Now! America’s crumbling #infrastructure can’t wait!  


Example Post:

  • America’s #infrastructure is vital to the future of #manufacturing in America. @ShopfloorNAM #BuildingToWin #MFGinfrastructure #InfrastructureMatters

Building to Win Talking Points

We are in an infrastructure crisis. The task is too big for states alone to address deteriorating infrastructure. The federal government has a critical role in facilitating interstate commerce and ensuring that there is a connected and functioning transportation network across all 50 states.

As manufacturing evolves and becomes even more productive, manufacturers rely on complex supply chains and just-in-time principles where parts are ordered, made and delivered, sometimes within hours. Without the best infrastructure, manufacturing cannot live up to its full potential.

President Trump committed to invest one trillion dollars into U.S. infrastructure to ensure it is “second to none.” Manufacturers stand ready to work with Congress and the president to pass an infrastructure bill that will make America the most competitive place in the world for manufacturing—and improve the lives of American families.

In September 2016, with unanimous support from the Board of Directors, the NAM released Building to Win, an ambitious initiative to revitalize our nation’s failing infrastructure. We are encouraged that the Trump administration has favorably cited the plan.

To improve economic competitiveness for manufacturers, the NAM encourages Congress and the president to deliver an infrastructure bill this year that recognizes the following principles:

  • Manufacturers believe highways, bridges, waterways, ports, passenger rail, freight rail, drinking and waste water systems, broadband, pipelines, electric grid, transit and airports are all types of infrastructure that should be included in an infrastructure package.
  • President Trump’s call for infrastructure investment is the right opportunity to develop a more reliable, user-based funding stream for the Highway Trust Fund.
  • An infrastructure bill must be an all-of-the-above approach that increases funding and financing tools for state and local project sponsors. The private sector is capable of bringing needed capital, financing tools and operational experience to the table, but private financing and public-private partnerships cannot solve the problem alone.
  • Good governance improvements to better deliver 21st-century infrastructure, such as expedited environmental reviews and an independent commission to evaluate priorities and revenue options, are critical to the success of any infrastructure effort.
  • The bill should address neglected projects that make a system-wide difference and improve manufacturers’ supply chains
  • The federal government should avoid mistakes made during the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It was described to the public and manufacturers as a shovel-ready infrastructure bill, but less than 10 percent of the $787 billion went to infrastructure, and this funding simply replaced state infrastructure funding.