Manufacturing Executive Leadership Program

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest and most respected industrial trade association in the United States, presents the Manufacturing Executive Leadership Program for C-level executives in manufacturing. This three-part program highlights the importance of engaging with Washington to advance business priorities by focusing on developing the essential strategic leadership skills needed to communicate with policymakers. Throughout this program, participants will develop strong communication skills, political acumen and advocacy tactics to help extend their reach and influence beyond businesses and into their communities and networks. They will have the opportunity to use these new tools, such as coalition building and grassroots activism, to communicate manufacturers’ agenda and effect change at every level of government.

Now entering its 5th year, the program focuses on nine leadership competencies in a specially crafted three-part series of group sessions and webinars:

  • Public Policy Awarness
  • Influence, Advocacy and Engagement Innovative Thinking
  • Effective Communications
  • Political Acumen
  • Business Acumen
  • Coalition Building
  • Executive Presence
  • Team Building

The first session of this three-part program takes place in the Fall in Washington, DC. Class size will be limited to 30 participants. The registration fee for this three-part program is $3,500. For more information on how to nominate a candidate, please contact NAM Board Initiatives Manager Matt Chambers at (202) 637- 3056 or [email protected]

  • Part One: Engagement
  • NAM staff-led sessions are held every fall at NAM headquarters in Washington, D.C. In this first part, the NAM will cover the nine leadership competencies. Leaders from the NAM staff and expert speakers will deliver instructions on engaging with the executive and legislative branches of the government.

  • Part Two: A Deeper Dive
  • Webinars on the leadership competencies and policy will continue to build impactful leadership skills.

  • Part Three: Call To Action
  • This final segment will put knowledge into action as attendees participate in experiential leadership events. Attendees are encouraged to use the practical leadership skills combined with the government and issue advocacy knowledge gained in parts one and two during this phase of the program.

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