• Holding Us Back: Regulation of the U.S. Manufacturing Sector

    18 January 2017 | Webpage

    As the momentum builds in Washington for reform—to make regulations smarter, simpler and streamlined—the NAM is out with a new study that demonstrates the urgent need for change.

  • Energizing Manufacturing

    03 May 2016 | Webpage

    A new comprehensive study from IHS Economics and the NAM Center for Manufacturing Research reveals how natural gas has strengthened manufacturing, encouraged U.S. manufacturing growth and employment.

  • Potential Economic Impacts of a Stricter Ozone Standard

    04 August 2015 | Webpage

    This study reveals that new ozone regulation from the Obama Administration could cost $270 billion/year and place millions of jobs at risk. This would be the most expensive regulation ever imposed on the American public.

  • Shaping Up

    23 July 2015 | Webpage

    Health care spending continues to be one of the top concerns for manufacturers, and recent increases in health insurance premiums for most firms have deepened the frustration.

  • U.S. Needs a More Competitive Corporate Tax System

    13 April 2015 | Webpage

    This NAM and MAPI Foundation white paper highlights that the U.S. corporate tax system is a drag on manufacturers’ global competitiveness. The current global tax system in the United States puts manufacturing firms at a disadvantage inside and outside foreign countries.

  • Leadership: Annual Report

    20 March 2015 | Webpage

    The NAM's 2014 Annual Report is filled with the accomplishments of the association, highlighting how the NAM has been effective, provided a voice for manufacturers, pioneered innovation, achieved results and developed a respected reputation.

  • A Missed Opportunity

    15 January 2015 | Webpage

    This study takes a close look at the economic impact of enacting a five-pronged pro-growth tax package and concludes that the lack of action on pro-growth tax reform is costing the U.S. economy in terms of slower growth in GDP, investment and employment.

  • Catching Up

    22 September 2014 | Webpage

    This report offers a historical overview of a broad range of infrastructure investments and provides an important view into the economic benefits the U.S. economy would reap with a more concerted effort to address the nation’s infrastructure needs.

  • Growth of Foreign Export Credit Activity

    18 September 2014 | Publication

    Research published by the NAM documents the massive size and growth of foreign export credit activity and how manufacturers in the United States are at a deep disadvantage in competing for sales overseas.

  • The Cost of Federal Regulation

    10 September 2014

    The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has issued a report that shows the macroeconomic impact of federal regulations.

  • National Impact of a West Coast Port Stoppage

    26 June 2014 | Webpage

    Trade operations at all seaports along the U.S. West Coast are facing great uncertainty. As disruptions continue, the economic impact becomes increasingly significant and widespread. This economic analysis details just how much of an impact this stoppage can have.

  • Increasing Pension Premiums

    13 May 2014 | Webpage

    This report looks at how increased costs on our nation’s employers impact their businesses, jobs and economic growth.

  • Infrastructure: Essential to Manufacturing Competitiveness

    13 September 2013 | Webpage

    This executive overview of results from a survey of U.S. manufacturers on vital national infrastructure was conducted in conjunction with Building America's Future (BAF).

  • Economic Outcomes of a U.S. Carbon Tax

    26 February 2013 | Webpage

    A new study released by the NAM models two carbon tax cases (a $20/ton case and an 80 percent reduction case) across 2013–2053 and concludes that the net effects on the U.S. economy would be negative.