• A “Building to Win” Strategy for Congress and President Trump

    Great nations build and invest in great infrastructure. Too many 21st-century U.S. infrastructure systems depend on 20th-century investments. Now in an alarming state of disrepair and in urgent need of new funding, America’s infrastructure can no longer wait. Families, communities and manufacturers need modern transportation, energy, broadband and water infrastructure to meet the demands of today’s economy. The modern manufacturing economy we are building does not have the kind of infrastructure we need to support our vision for an exceptional America.

    For generations, manufacturers have risen to the occasion to meet great challenges, to give more Americans a chance to improve their lives and build our nation for the future. Now, it is time again for our leaders to follow our example and strengthen the foundation that makes our work and our daily lives possible: our nation’s infrastructure.


    Case Studies

    LA Ports Congestion

    Ohio Brent Spence Bridge

    Chicago Rail Project