Key Manufacturing Votes: 115th Congress

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) advocates a pro-manufacturing public-policy agenda. The NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence, awarded at the end of each Congress, recognizes the voting support for this agenda by members of Congress and rates the congressional voting records of all members on important issues for American manufacturers. We seek to influence the terms of public-policy debates, to reward members of Congress who have supported manufacturers and to tell those who have not supported our pro-growth agenda.

Process: The NAM's Key Vote Advisory Committee, composed of executives representing small, mid-sized and large manufacturers, oversees the selection of Key Manufacturing Votes. NAM Key Vote Cards are delivered to members of Congress prior to floor action to signal that an upcoming scheduled floor vote has been selected as a potential NAM Key Manufacturing Vote. Members of Congress receiving scores of 70 percent or higher on Key Manufacturing Votes receive the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence at the end of each Congress.